Saturday, June 28, 2008


Today is Friday...ya..a fine day...

I have a breakfast with my University friend who stays JB in Macdonald.

Such a long time no eat breakfast in Macdonald, I remembered that was a time we had many enjoyable breakfast in KFC and Macdonald with my UM friends.

How were they now? Ya...they are working in KL. haha..I also will start my working life on 1/7 soon.

Time pass so fast....Almost two months I back rfom KL.

Today, I chat a lot with my housemate, xiao huan. We chat about our future, our memories, our friends and their life during the breakfast.

I promised edit this photo for her la.

Take care and good luck for us.

I hope i will not regret of my decision. At least, I am not regret now.


heipy said...

hehe.. slightly understand you feeling now..
Don't regret!!
wish you hav a well starting for your working life..cheers!!!

sweemeng said...

hehe, to late already.

Seriously, it is not bad to start work in KL lar.

p.s welcome to working life!!!!!

三吉 said...

Thnx guy!!
I will try my best to start my new life!!

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