Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wei...Englidh version le...

I remembered one of my friend said that she hopes to see English in my blog. It is because she said she couldn’t understand Chinese writing. Therefore, this time I try to use the most suitable and relevant English phases to write my blog.

Yesterday I met a few friends in msn, they are my friends in university and primary school. One of my friend, he is studying in Taiwan now. Another one is working in foreign country. Sometimes, I envy my friends could go abroad to see the outside world. But, I has been heard someone said to me that is, “don’t envy other people, if you want to do, then you should plan to do and prepare to do.” After that, I was realized that I actually not really desired to do that. Ya, I have been a person who is really not in well planning for future. Ya, I am now the person who always not confident in myself in certain area.

Therefore, should I continue thinking like this? No, it shouldn’t be like this. But, now the problem is I really not have any idea of my desired work. It shouldn’t be too worried about that, but my intension told me that should ask from the comments from other people.

It is so funny. I asked many people. It is good to have their comments. I am happy because they give me the comment. I especially thank for my brother’s comment. He pointed out the problem that I am facing now and provide some advice for me.

Now I decide to gain some experience in JB firstly in unrelated IT area. I was surprised that I dare to choose to work as a sales coordinator and salary is not some high. But, I hope I could learn from experience and find out more suitable road for me to travel.

One of my friend is getting know the salary of this work; he typed a word in msn, “low”. After that, I should admit that I really have bit of sad to listen of this word. I know I shouldn’t influence by his word.

I am now going to experience something. I don’t know it is right for me or not. But, now I think like that, so it should be walk like this way.

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