Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Time to say Goodbye....

~~Front door of GL Printing S/B~~

I am not willing to part with this place. Maybe it just a usual practise to come this place.
Every 8:15am, I come as usual to start my working day, back to home at 5:30pm. I should admit that I get used of this type of lifestyle.

However, it is the time to say goodbye. Say goodbye with my colleague, boss and customer.
It is just a 3 months, but how come i felt that work at here such a long time?

I have a special experience at here. Why I say like this way? It is because I met many people from different background at this place. Some of them come from different countries, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia and other places. Thank for them, no matter how they treat me, because it is a good experience to let me know, what a real life that outside of campus....

I have been scold by them. Maybe you feel odd why i scolded by them...I should admit that sometime i really have done something wrong with my work, but "scolding" seem is a style or habit of this place.....

However, It is a good place to let people to grow up....realizing outside world is different with campus life....Real world could be cruel or fun....there are different view angles from different person judgment.

My friend’s mum is working in the company too. She asked me that anything I have learned in this period. I told her, “Sure, I have learned we should clever no matter in what state…”

Am I a clever girl? Answer is probably not. Why I said like this way? Because I am a girl who is too innocent sometime. Innocent is an indirect adjective noun. Innocent == simple thinking, easily give expression on face, too honest in speaking…..

Yes, we should not be too innocent no matter in what state….It is just a protection for us to stay in the society.

Kit, no matter you are in what state, don’t forgot you are the little kind Pisces.


无形 said...


Kit Lim said...

原来你现在才走的,我还以为你早就走了。可以联络呀,我回 kl 时都会去找以前的同事。更何况他们就在不远处。


Anonymous said...

nice to hear tat u r faced realistic of social. life is like tat. find ur hapiness in plight. b ursef in confusion. upgrade ursef in difficulty. environment change ppl. ppl change the environment. wat is ur dream?

三吉 said...

无形- 谢谢无形一直支持我,有你这个朋友,

kit lim - 好啊。。我也好想和你们聚聚咧!

anonymous - next time must mention ur name lo...dunno who r u but happy coz we share our feeling at here...:)

无形 said...



muaks muaks muaks...

三吉 said...


nice9 said...


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