Sunday, October 12, 2008

What am I doing now?...

The world financial system is teetering on the “brink of systemic meltdown”.
Since I knew this news, I should admit that I am worrying about myself.
Now I still stay in house and wait for interview.
“Hey girl, you’re busy with what stuff? “. Some people asked me.
“Hey girl, I heard you rejected IT company’s offer letter.” Another person said.
“Hey girl, do you know your status now is quite dangerous?” whispered in my heart.

“Hi girl, I am XX, do you still remember? Last time you said that you received a better offer from another company. So you decided to reject my offer letter. Are you working now?” XX said.

“Err…yes. I have received the offer from another company.” I lied.
“It is a pity. I have just decided to raise your salary into RM 2XXX.” XX said.
“Then hope we have chance to work in the future.” I said politely.
“Okay.” XX answered.

“Do you know that what you have done just now?” I lost in thought at once.
“I know what I have done just now.” Finally I wake up.
“Are you going to regret?” questioned from my heart.

“Don’t look back. And don’t regret.” Voices in my heart.

I know I couldn’t regret. It is because it is the decision made by me. But I will turn round if I really couldn’t do anything.

Do you know what I have done during the period? Reading, interviewing, drawing, jogging, upgrading... However, I couldn’t control myself because do other stuff. The terrible other stuff is watching TV, sleeping….

Finally, Thinking is the most terrible stuff if it has taken too much time.

Thinking too much is really meaningless for a person.
Damn it. How the stupid action…


Anonymous said...

wei dun think too much. find out ur way. it jus part of ur life. a proper entertainment is not a sin. if u lost try 2 find sombody talk. release ur bored. dun stress ursef 2much. ur parent nt waiting u 2 raise d home.

无形 said...

gambatek lah..
my best friend...
i sure u know wat u are doing.

when i holiday,
and u still rest at home...
then i ask u go play badminton loh..

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